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DJ Panix vs the Nullification Crisis, Dec 19th playlist~

This Way to the Egress: Clarence
The Causey Way*: Bed is Where
Patti Smith Group: Memorial Tribute
David Bowie: Telling Lies
Senor Coconut: Riders on the Storm
Mona Lisa Overdrive: The History of Rock and Roll
Dies Drear: Put on Your Helmet
Neil Young: Old Laughing Lady
Those Darn Accordions: Deathbed Confession
Teisco Del Rey: Ridin' the Wind
The Maxies: Not from Greenland
Black Halos: Burning Trash
Kal Cahoone: Travel Song
Supersuckers: Blow You Away
Man or Astro-man>: Universe City
The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
Tiger Lillies: Her Room
Hidden Number: The Sum of None
Wesley Willis: Kill His Ass
Lustmord: Black Star
Billy Bragg: Help Save the Youth of America
The Raging Lamos: Geraldo's Fishing Trip
Alice Cooper: Brutal Planet
Tiger Army: Swift Silent Deadly
Beirut: Prenzlauerberg
Black Sabbath: Iron Man
House of Large Sizes: Pincher (Pincher)
Antiseen: I Can't Control Myself
Piñataland: The Sky is Blue, The Highway Wide
Hoodoo Gurus: Show Some Emotion
Corrosion of Conformity: The Backslider
Easybeats: Friday on My Mind
Blackbird Raum: The Lord of Husk and Rinds
Sonic Youth: The Burning Spear
Automatic 7: Pretty in Pink
Princess: Kate
Kokusyoku Sumire: Kanon
New Speedway Kings: We All Love Her
X Marks the Pedwalk: Drawback
Claw Hammer: Queen's Lead Helmet
The Vaselines: Rory Rides Me Raw
Nikki the Sprinkler: Teenage Sex
Coffin Break: Kill the President
Fuckface: All White
Del Rey and the Sun Kings: Meeting with the Squadron
Boris the Sprinkler: Buying Beer for Junior High School Students
Resident Phase Shifter: Short Songs
Guitar Wolf: Wild Zero
The Scarring Party: Leslie Ann Merrimac
DOA: Dead men Tell No Tales
The Cramps: Oowee Baby
Diggers: She's Breakin My Heart (while I'm Drinkin Her Beer)
Ghoultown: Fistful of Demons
Acetone: Security Girl
Rik L Rik: Mercenaries
Jimmy Stewart: Rock on the Moon
Something About Reptiles: Uska Gider Iken
The Devil Dogs: Gimme that Girl
Oppenheimer: Hearts Don't Listen
Embrace: Said Gun
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Do You Love Me?
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Red Light
The Loss: December 8th
Mothers Room: All Over the Floor
The Bad Things: Twilight
Special AKA: Free Nelson Mandela
Glenn or Glennda?: Scary Monsters
The Brother's Group: Tic nervoso
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Sleep
Rancid: Memphis
Devo: General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now
Most: Middle School
They Might Be Giants: I Palindrome I
The Creatures: Godzilla!
Wizo: R.A.F.
Death: Rock-n-Roll Victim
Christian Williams: Beneath the Branches Dancing
Mudhoney: Ghost
Ghost: Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
Modus Oprandi: Hairball
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Cheer

*is not a cult
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DJ Panix vs the Falange~ Nov 20th Playlist

This Way to the Egress: Cage Bird
Motorhead: Over the Top
17 Pygmies: Isabel VI
Death: Politicians in My Eyes
The Magnificent Seven: The Broken Hearted Show
Vanity 5: Flight of the Phoenicians
Black Happy: F-Word
The Creeps: Full Abrasion
Tarantella: Un Ano de Amor
Underworld: Rez
U2: Drowning Man
Food: Santa Maria
Gypsy Nomads: Make Out
The Mermen: Whales
Boris the Sprinkler: Homicide
Zolar X: Space Age Love
Clockwork Dolls: When Banners Fall Instrumental Suite
Green Day: The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink
Rufio: Out of Control
Off!: King Kong Brigade
Luminescent Orchestrii: Pecto-Rubulii
Little Gentlemen: Just Waiting (for the Civil War)
Link Wray: The Swag
Collide: Obsession
Hot Damn Scandal: Home
The Fastbacks: Impatience
Vidna Obamana: Fleeting Space
Alex Chilton: Take It Off
Tom Waits: Frank's Theme
The Jesus and Mary Chain: Just Like Honey
Gradska: Sva Kih Dana
Lost Sounds: Spinning
Amber Lee and the Anomalies: Caught in Your Tune
The Misty Wizards: It's Love
Babes in Toyland: Bruise Violet
MC5: Shakin' Street
Black Tape for A Blue Girl: All My Lovers
Rats: Please
Kane Hodder: I Think Patric Swayze is Sexy
Bigger Thomas: Sugar, Sugar
Katzenjammer Kabarett: Saylor Sandhan's Sister
The Mummies: Mashi
Sebadoh: It's So Hard to Fall in Love
Mae: Suspension
Real McKenzies: Droppin' Like Flies
Stereo MC's: Connected
The Cuts: Demons
The Smiths: Panic
Ketchup Soup: The Night
St Ellas: Elizabeth
Dr Dres: The Day the Niggaz Took Over
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Droog and Devotchka
1981: Bad People
Corrosion of Conformity: The Door
Dead Empty: Ritalin Kids
Bat Country: The Future
Pailhead: I Will Refuse
Norma Jean: Blueprints for Future Homes
Grateful Dead: Box of Rain
C. Strøm: Sweet Afton