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Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Aug 14th

Professor Elemental: The Great Race
RPM Orchestra: Bait & Switch
Fermata: Instinct as Eyes
Leonard Cohen: So Long, Marianne
Positronic Cats: The Beautiful Chaos of Time
The Kropotkins: The Moon's Already Down
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: The Worst Sideshow Ever
The Doubleclicks: Love You Like a Burrito
Ennio Morricone: The Battle of Algiers
Sad Bastard Book Club: Do You Know What Two Cents Would Have Bought You in My Day
Voodoo Organist: The End of This World Part 2
Veil: Estat
Danbert Nobacon: Chemistry
Tom McSod: How You Look (When You Lie)
The Debaucherauntes: Daughter
Gunnelpumpers: Sparkleboat
Robin Aigner: Wayfaring Stranger
Insomniac Folklore: Sleep in Your Car
Max Raabe und dem Palastorchester: Bongo Bongo (King of Bongo)
OldBoy: Pink Ribbons
Geinho Yamashirogumi: Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
Magnetic Fields: I Was Born
Ghoultown: Requiem at Sundown
Cath & Phil Tyler: Boys the Buzzards are Flying
The Folks Below: Rope Climb
Ilya Monosov: My Dear
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DJ Panix vs the Gunpowder Plot, Nov 5 playlist~

The Folks Below: Element
Sonic Youth: Halloween
Lonesome Ones: Bow to No Man
Hello Fever: Mannequin Eyes
Professor Elemental: I'm British
Spahn Ranch: One of These Days
Teisco Del Rey: Werewolf
Descendents: Ace
Against Me!: We Did It All for Don (acoustic)
Dead Can Dance: The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Goly Grim: Rake It
Tommy James & the Shondells: Gettin' Together
Sweet Hollywaiians: 12th Street Rag
Violent Femmes: Add It Up
Danzig: Deth Red Moon
L7: Suzy Is a Headbanger
Unwoman: Heavy In Your Arms
MDC: Green Wash
Swingin' Utters: Heroes of the Corner Bar
Hudson Falcons:
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Brompton Oratory
Thee Emergency: Sugar
The Hatchet Wounds: Nightmares
The Troggs: The Way I Feel Inside
Wovenhand: His Loyal Love
Inside: Wizzard King
Husker Du: Don't Have a Life
Negativland: The Perfect Cut (11 Minutes)
Infernal Noise Brigade: Praha
Armando Trouajoli: I Love You
Imminent Attack: My Skin
Faith & Disease: Birthday Party
The Doors: Alabama Song
Ms Led: No, No, You're Right
Histrionics: Bobby Socks
Food: Jesus and Johnny Cash
Kokusyoku Sumire: Tomo Shibi
Jane's Addiction: I Would for You
Feelies: On the Roof
Magnetic Fields: You Must Be Out of Your Mind
Johnny Cash: One
The Lost Patrol: If I Could
Pop Will Eat Itself: Inject Me
National Wake: Corner House Stone
Sophe Lux: Hungry Ghost
Octabites: 65
1,000 Homo DJs: Supernaut
Blue Oyser Cult: Buck's Boogie
Kate Bush: The Dreaming
Stuysevant: Oatmeal Song
Black Flag: Fix Me
Electric Kisses: B-Side of My Heart
Rachel's: Frida Kahlo