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DJ Panix vs the USS Monitor & the CSS Virginia, March 9th playlist~

Circus Contraption: Acrophelia's Lament
Einsturzende Neubauten: Salamandriana
Accolade: Heaven
Tiesco del Rey: Theme from Lawrence of Arabia
Circus Contraption: Memories
Bowie: Rock n Roll Suicide
Ramones: Strength to Endure
Chicken Hawks: Get Loose
Mohlavyr: Mr Grey
Voivod: Astronomy Domine
Dick Dale: The Eliminator
Black Flag: Sinking
Tom Slatter: The Beast of the Air
Kill Creeps: Misson 3- the Introid
Rollins Band: Burned Beyond Recognition
Knack: Lucinda
White City Rippers: Telstar
Aerosmith: Walk This Way
Alice Cooper: Apple Bush
Bastard Fairies: Guns and Dolls
Stolen Sweets: Charlie Two-Step
Wesley Willis: Skrew
Frank Black: This Is Where I Belong
Corrosion of Conformity: Denmark Vesey
Ukulele Loki's Gadabout Orchestra: Lullaby
Neil Young: Sugar Mountain
Pachinko: Hated
Pennywise: Bro Hymn
HUMANWINE: When in Rome
Primus: Spaghetti Western
Lost Patrol: I'm 28
Patti Smith Group: Space Monkey
Hail Seizures: Wolfie
Dead House Music: Dark Jazz
Jay Reatard: Oh, It's Such a Shame
FOOD: Jesus and Johnny Cash
Those Darn Accordions: Pump It Up
Screaming Headless Torsos: Field of Light
Doggy Style: Denial
Pixies: Tame
Juanita Family & Friends: You Look Like Trouble
Surfaris: Wipeout
Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict a Riot
Voodoo Organist: Mindbender
Possum Dixon: We're All Happy
Stevie ray Vaughan: Pride & Joy
Blueflowers: Strange
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Revengee of the Rats
!TchKung!: Picture of a Riot Zone
Life in a Blender: Mamanama
Toy Dolls: The Anniversary Waltz
The Bad Things: Devil's Riding Crop
Honey Badger: Crisis Averted
Ignition: Rebuilding
Creatures: Turn It On
One Ring Zero: Blessing
Hellacopters: Such a Blast
Stuyvesant: Baby Bear
Mother of Sorrow: Th Haunted Pool
Tarantella: Southern Cross
Stella Peach: My Mind
Reverse Cowgirls: Common Order
1,000 Homo DJs: Supernaut
Rasputina: How We Quit the Forest
Allman Brothers: One Way Out
Rev Norb: Snobby Distain
Common Language: Dead White Horse
The Extraordinary Contraptions: Lovely Lies
Revolting Cocks: Gila Copter
DevO: Mind Games
Dictators: Teengenerate
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha: Lehti Tuulessa
Luscious Jackson: Deep Shag
Joe Coffee: Stink of Love
Ray Manzarek: Choose Up and Choose Off
Christian Williams: All of Her Kin
Laxative Souls: Niccolai
Doubleclicks: Rock Star Life
Infernal Noise Brigade: Nagarawallah
Firewater: Drunkard's Lament
Gruppo Rom Draculas: Jampara
Peter Murphy's Carver Combo: Swimming Pool
Dawn of the Lathe Symphonic: Two Faces
Life Toward Twilight: Discovered the Mystery of Life
Lyle Lovett: Just the Morning
5 Cent Coffee
Dead Moon: It's OK
Ghostfire: The Confession
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DJ PaniX vs the Monongah Mine, Dec 6th Playl!st~

Circus Contraption: Baby Aardvark Music Box
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine: Pets Eat Their Masters
17 Pygmies: Isabel IV
Death: The Masks
Jefferson Death Star: Claymation christmas special
The Furys: Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep
Justin Warfield: Fisherman's Grotto
Young Fresh Fellows: 99 Girls
Magnetic Fields: Asleep and Dreaming
Lubricated Goat: Psychic Detective
Mike Watt: Funnel-Capped-Man
The See: Getting Older
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Glass Guillotine
The Trashman: King of the Surf
Los Infernos: Daddy-O
Zero Boys: Hightime
The Doors: Hour for Magic
Frank Zappa: Sinister Footwear 2nd Mvt.
Phoenix Foundation: Bitte Bitte
Decemberists: Of Angels and Angles
The Velvet Underground: Rock & Roll (full version)
Problem with Heroes: Danger
Reverend Horton Heat: Livin' on the Edge (of Houston)
Kal Cahoone: Travel Song
Die Kreuzen: Get 'Em
Weirdos: Rhythm Syndrome
Fuckface: Snitch
Slim Cessna's Auto Club: Jordan
Hedwig & the Angry Inch: Midnight Radio
Know Your Saints: Like a Funnel Cloud
Zolar X: Jet Star
Bakelite 78: Monongah
Black Sabbath: Wasp/Behind the Wall of Sleep/Bassically/N.I.B
Slim Harp: Yeah Yeah Baby
Residents: Tooth and Claw
Thomas Dolby: Airwaves
The Dirtbombs: Little Miss Chocolate Syrup
Eddie Current Suppression Ring: So Many Things
The Troggs: Nowhere Road
Vermillion Lies: Found Myself
The Sisters of Mercy: Phantom
William S Burroughs & Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: Spare Ass Annie
Motorhead: Shine
Sunday Driver: The Fantasist
The Sonics: The Hustler
Trenchmouth: Washington! Washington!
Even Johns & the H-Bombs: Madhouse
Curtis Eller's American Circus: Save Me Joe Louis
The Kinks: People Taking Pictures of Each Other
Love & Rockets: Mirror People (slow version)
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: How Can You Catcha Girl
Mark Shurilla & The Blackholes: Blitzkrieg Over Kenosha
MC5: Miss X
The Figgs: Slow Down
Pleasure Fuckers: Pink House Club
Travelers of Tyme: Odd Hobo of Hooverville
Parasites: If You Knew
The Beatles: I've Just Seen a Face
Trance to the Sun: Fade to Grey
Jill Tracy: In Between Shades
Slim Harpo: Snooping Around
Grieving the Days to Come: And Then...
Snog: Real Estate Man (black lung greets the funk inquisition)
Tom Waits: Please Wake Me Up
The Slackers: Propaganda
Chalice: Paint It Black
Mofungo: Hunter Gatherer
Dogwood: Ballad of the Psychopomp
IfIHadaHifi: Song for the Dead Millionaire
Man or Astroman?: Universe City
Gang of Four: Of the Instant
The Herbert Bail Orchestra: Holy Smokes
The Cult: Butterflies
Colossamite: Imagine (Among the) Light
Odpaki Civilzacije: Prevara
Creatures: Fruitman
Dies Drear: Radical Adventures in Hamburgerland
Angel City Outcasts: Rev It Up, Turn It Loose
Cradle of Filth: From the Cradle to Enslave
Firewater: Nowhere to be Found
Talking Heads: Road to Nowhere
Diesel Boy: Titty Twister
Off: Jet Black Girls
Zeptepi: After the Rain
Nomeansno: No Fgcnuik
Danzig: Seasons of Pain
Magazine: About the Weather
Dan L Hollifield: 10,000 Airship Suite Part 5 - Exploring Exotic Lands
Dag Nasty: Justification
Dave Vorhaus: The Diy Machine (a)
Dead Kennedys: Ill in the Head
Ego Plum & the Ebola Music Orchsestra: The Harpsichord
The Queers: I Hate Your Fucking Guts
Mr T Experience: Flying Jelly Attack
Against Me!: Stop!
Life Toward Twilight: Threnody to the Quiet Mind
The New Dress: Where Our Failures Are
The Muffs: North Pole
Marilyn Manson: Five to One
Billy Bragg: Moving the Goalposts