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Music Now for a Past that Never Was

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  • sepiachord@livejournal.com
Sepiachord is the "genre that doesn't exist".

It is to music what "steampunk" is to literature and cinema: something that looks back to the past to comment on the present while looking sideways at the future. A cubist aural experience.
As goth & glam are the bastards of David Bowie, Sepiachord is the made from the genetic material sown by Tom Waits.

Sepiachord is assembled like a clockwork orchestra, from such elements of music as:
Sinister Circus
Cabaret Macabre
Chamber Pop
Organic Goth
Celtic/Gypsy Punk
Mutant American
Ghost Town Country

It is the music our grandparents or great-grandparents would have listened to, if they were as off-set as we are.


To contact us email: captain@sepiachord.com or visit the website, SEPIACHORD.COM for a mailing address on the contact page.

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