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Playlist or the Week Ending June 27th

Playlist or the Week Ending June 27th

Harley Poe: Terrible
End Times Spasm Band: Bertrand Hustle
Wovenhand: Raiser Her Hands
Marie-Josee Houle: I am not the World
Dresden Dolls: Pretty in Pink
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: The A Friend in Goddamn
Toy Soldiers: Love Ya Like I Love Ya
Blackbird Raum: Crumbs
Lost Patrol: Play Me for a Fool
Unextraordinary Gentlemen: Mr Soot's Little Black Book
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: Drunk Punk
The Doors: Whiskey, Mystics & Men
Kal Cahoone: That Little Boy
Dropkick Murphys: Bastards on Parade
Ando and the Jolly Barrels: Day Job
Evelyn Evelyn: You Only Want me because You Want my Sister
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: Steph(v)enson
Bad Mitten Orchestre: Nation of Two
Psyche Corporation: The Ceiling
Bitter Ruin: The Dancing Dolls of Porceline
Professor Elemental: Splendid
Soriah: Amo Cahuit
Thomas Nola et son Orchestre: Pet Shoppe

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