June 27th, 2016

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Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending June 26th

The Doubleclicks: Dimetrodon
Zaz: J'aime À Nouveau
Life Toward Twilight: The Evil in Frankenstein's Mind Creates a Monster
The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing: Not Your Typical American
Stella Peach: Miniad
RPM Orchestra: Bury Mine
Brillig: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
The Slow Poisoner: Hot Rod Worm
OldBoy: Dead Inside
Reverend Glasseye & His Wooden Leg: 3 Ton Chain
Cath & Phil Tyler: Boys the Buzzards are Flying
16 Horsepower: Horse Head
Nathaniel Johnstone: One Time Through
A Hawk & A Hacksaw: Oporto
Clare Fader: Isle of Summer
Christian Williams: Smoke on the Prairie
Marie MacGillis & the Model Millionaires: I Can't Give You Anything But Love