May 13th, 2015

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Stella Peach- Wisdom Teeth - album review

Wisdom Teeth
Stella Peach

CD, Digital Download

Wisdom Teeth by Stella Peach is definitely a "headphones" album. By getting up close and personal with the songs you can hear that the simple instrumentation belies the depth of arrangement to be found.

If you were to listen to this at a normal volume on speakers, you would first be struck by Stella's intense and insistent vocal stylings. After that you'd catch the surface instruments featured on the tunes (depending on the number: violin, piano, drums, bass…). The songs are still nifty but you be missing all that is going on underneath, all the is hiding just under the surface.

Because of this layering Wisdom Teeth rewards repeated listenings. It's as if Stella is letting you in on secrets from underground, from under the waves, from forgotten forests… but only a hint at a time.

The building blocks of the music are folk/americana, but only at the most basic level. Stella Peach is like some wild nature spirit trying to understand the meaning of "jazz". The result is less "freak folk" as it is surreal roots music, a post-modern, post-pop folk for collage-culture people

Peach is clearly baring a lot of her soul with the lyrics, but the album never sounds ponderous or forced. There's a lightness, almost a goofiness, that comes through on this collection. Most notably on the adorkable "Get Up!", a number that makes me smile every time it pops up in the rotation.

My CD came with a sticker that says "bestfriends", somehow that sums up the fun and intimate nature of Wisdom Teeth.

Very nice, very nice indeed.

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