April 13th, 2015

key dark

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Sepiachord playlist for the week ending April 12th~

Tom Waits: Old Shoes (and Picture Postcards)
Heroes for Hire: Cascadia
Frenchy and the Punk: Strangers After Midnight
Ex Reverie: Cedar, pt 2
The Folks Below: Town on Its Knees
The Bad Things: Death of the Inferno
Tarantella: Dame Fuego
Morphine: The Night
Bakelite 78: Katie Dear
Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers: The World (Already Over)
Polkacide: Pennsylvania Polka
Painted Saints: The Bricks Might Breathe Again
Hail Seizures: Fouts
Decemberists: The Chimbley Sweep
Squirrel Nut Zippers: The Interlocutor
The Beatles: Penny Lane
Ando and the Jolly Barrels: Take Away the Sting
Club Foot Orchestra: Iron Horse
Nathaniel Johnstone: Gepetto's Lament
Blackbird Raum: Last Legs