March 26th, 2015

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DJ Panix vs The Oystermouth Railway, March 25th playlist~

Tiger Lillies: Repulsion
Overton Berry Trio: Hey Jude
Burn Victims: Martyr
Dead Kennedys: Police Truck
The Church of Abject Sorrow: Black Moon
Decodering: One Free
Love & Rockets: The Light
Public Image Limited: FFF
Billy Bragg: The Warmest Room
Pink Floyd: Pigs on the Wing (part two)
Dicks: No Nazi's Friend
Phoenix Foundation: Pot
Belle & Sebastian: Judy Is a Dick Slap
Corrosion of Conformity: The Hanged Man
Gunner's Daughter: Dead On
Specials: Rat Race
Zoe Boekbinder: Sour Lemons
Circle Jerks: Question Authority
Babes in Toyland: Hello
Pop Will Eat Itself: The Fuses Have Been Lit
Slim Cessna's Auto Club: An Introduction to the Power of Braces - Arms
Thin Lizzy: Running Back
Q and Not U: Hooray for Humans
Eno: China My China
Nathaniel Johnstone: Ifritah
Alice Cooper: Thrill My Gorilla
Frank Black: Hang On to Your Ego
Mother of Sorrows: Love Is a Strange Dungeon
Reverend Glasseye: 17 Lashes
Erase Errata: Owls
Rebel Waltz: Peace Breaks Out
Sonic Youth: Creme Brulee
Melora Creager: I Want You to Want Me
Lost Patrol: S'enfusir
No Sparks: Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Ethyl Meatplow: Queenie
The Bad Things: Grifter's Life
Descendents: Get the Time
REM: Crazy
Revolting Cocks: Fire Engine
Max Raabe und dem Palastorchester: Mambo No 5
The Cramps: Human Fly
Princess: HOV
Screaming Trees: Dollar Bill
Zeptepi: Patricia Anne's Waltz
Faith No More: Faster Disco
Trenchmouth: Confectionery
Fat Less: Vind-a-Loo
Frenchy and the Punk: Mirror Mirror
Motorhead: Stay Clean
Mantis: Axe of Redemption
Razrez: Police
V is for Villains: Broken Dolls