February 25th, 2015

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"Long Long Shaddows " by Unwoman is the Sepiachord Featured Video.

Unwoman: Long Long Shadows Official Music Video from Erica Mulkey on Vimeo.

Unwoman: Long Long Shadows Official Music Video

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Directed by Jerrold Ridenour
Music by Unwoman
Song available at unwoman.bandcamp.com/album/circling (get the whole album for $1!)
Previously Unwoman and Jerrold Ridenour brought you "Intertwined" vimeo.com/117824899


I'm in the land of sunlight
And long, long shadows
And I am listening
To slow, sad echoes

Pay no attention to lover death
She has come to seduce you again
Let us distract you with sex and violence
They are your best friends

She comes to you with promise of sunsets
So sweetly she promises, but all she leaves are regrets
It won't be a wake but a tidal wave of grief
You don't think about that, you only want relief

from Circling, released 24 July 2014