February 12th, 2015

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DJ Panix vs the St Scholasitca Day Riot, Feb 10th playlist~

Sweet Hollywaiians: Rum and Coca Cola
Kuma: The Wrecking Ball
Corrosion of Conformity: The Megalodon
Dead Vampires: My Bride Died
O Lendário Chucrobillyman: Whiskey River
The Gloryholes: Screamer
Alice Cooper: Crawlin'
Danzig: Kiss the Skull
Sunday Driver: Naked Bodies
Tommy James & the Shondells: It's Only Love
The Lost Patrol: Creeper
Hang: Beard
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: The Weeping Song
Del Cords: I Get Wise
Aerosmith: Back in the Saddle
Heels: Pet the Pony
Skeletonbreath: Circus Train
Skarhead: Kings of Crime
Cramps: Haulass Hyena
Slinky: American Dream
Ennio Morricone: Angel Face
Killing Joke: Darkness Before Dawn
Creatures: Ugly Thing
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Operation Maple March
Mauser: Superfluous
NoMeansNo: State of Grace
Add N to (x): Brothel Charge
Unwoman: Indifference
Adolescents: Who Is Who
Devo: Can You Take It
Screaming Headless Torsos: My Reasons for Silence
Curtis Eller's American Circus: Stephen Foster
Outpatients: Barriers to Bridges
All: Guilty
Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples: Apple Juice
Rasputina: Momma Was an Opium-Smoker (Melora Mix)
Periana Jones: Mi Basta
Ministry: Smothered Hope
One-Eyed Doll: Meth Monster
Jill Tracy: Sell My Soul
Atari Teenage Riot: Digital Hardcore
Misfits: We Bite
Bullet Club: Dead Sing
Beirut: Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
Doggy Style: Donut Shop Rock
Overton Berry Trio: Hey Jude
Specials: Stupid Marriage
Toy-Box Trio: Flower I - A Lonely Seed
House of Large Sizes: Albion Cut-Off
Reverse Cowgirls: Bad Trip
See: Head Like a Stone
Robin Aigner: Annie and Irving
Nashville Pussy: Somebody Shoot Me
Camper Van Beethoven: Folly
Mother of Sorrows: A Dreamer's Dream
The Gloria Darlings: Hide and Seek (I'm Gonna Love You One More Time
B-18: A Way to Get Away
Steel Pole Bathtub: Myrna Loy
Boris the Sprinkler: Weird Tattoo
Club Foot Orchestra: Buster Decides to Act
Ghost BC: Monstrance Clock
Tyrants: Hard to Get
Blueflowers: A Little Is Too Much
Voodoo Organist: Mean Robot
Stuyvesant: Baby Bear
Gloria Guida: La musica e
Bis: What You're Afraid Of
Dr John: Tipitina
David Bowie: Battle for Britain (The Letter)
Quintessentials: Whylust
Soft Pink Truth: Homo-Sexual
Nouvelle Vague: Marian
Cinema Cinema: Pleased to Meet You
Killdozer: New Pants and Shirt
Replacements: Favorite Thing
Tarantella: Elder Tree
Alarm: Tell Me
Revolting Cocks: Stainless Steel Providers
Rhea's Obsession: Dreaming Blade
Abney Park: Beautiful Decline
Stolen Babies: Mind Your Eyes
The Cult: The Snake
Reno Divorce: Guess What
Nathaniel Johnstone: Amanita Ocreata
Tricky Woo: Anibis
Violent Femmes: Prove My Love
Firewater: Knock 'em Down
The Loss: The Last Time We Talk About This
Spits: Sk8
Latin Playboys: Mira!
Good Co: Zebra Donkey