February 10th, 2015

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Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Feb 8th~

Frenchy and the Punk: Strangers After Midnight
White City Rippers: Telstar
Jefferson Death Star: The Biggest Bandage Ever Made
Blackbird Raum: The Lash
Soriah: Temictli Atlan
Zeptepi: The Wreck of the Dandenong
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: The Carnival Is Over
Nathaniel Johnstone: Cassandra Knows
Destroy Nate Allen: el Diablo Tacos are the Best
Voltaire: Tempest
Moulettes: Land of the Midnight Sun
Ruby Throat: Salto Angel
Strawfoot: Achilles Heel
Unwoman: Temple of Love
Tom Waits: New Year's Eve
Robin Aigner: Strings
The Bad Things: Ashes
Kronos Quartet: Physical Property
The Gloria Darlings: You Done Me Wrong
Chronilus: The Wild in Me
The Rudy Schwartz Project: We Know You Suck
Life in a Blender: Falmouth
Aeon Now: Negative Snapshot