January 18th, 2015

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Sepiachord Playlist for the week ending Jan 18th~

Life in a Blender: Tongue-Cut Sparrow
Rasputina: Crazy Swan
Stella Peach: People Ain't PerfectSunday Driver: The Driver
Nathaniel Johnstone: Stone Woman
Bad Mitten Orchestre: Cherie
Hail Seizures: Sophie
Those Darn Accordions: Trouble in the Love Bubble
Smoldering Ashes: 1,000 Birds Scatter
Frenchy and the Punk: Fe Fi Fo Fum
The Gloria Darlings: To Care About You
Langer's Ball: Real Old Mountain Dew
Johnny Cash: Ballad of Barbara
Zeptepi: Bound for Sydney Town
Tiger Lillies: Kick a Baby
Robin Aigner: Wayfaring Stranger
Renée de la Prade: Oaktown
Abandon Ship!: The Rage and Quiet
Decemberists: Billy Liar
Muleskinner Jones: Black River Wood
Orion Rigel Dommisse: Red Mirror
Thomas Dolby: To the Lifeboats
Jo Gabriel: Cellophane
Phil Ochs: Bracero
Heroes for Hire: Cascadia
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Ramblin' Man