January 15th, 2015

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DJ Panix vs the Fundamental Orders: January 14th Playlist~

Tiger Lillies: Sense of Sentiment
Rights of the Accused: Innocence
Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples: Just a Stranger
Ventures: Paint It Black
Bad Mitten Orchestre: Call It a Day
Alice Cooper: Jackknife Johnny
Charming Snakes: Love Life
Hellacopters: Crimson Ballroom
Rasputina: Wish You Were Here
Big City Orkestraw: Untitled
Grotus: The Same Old Sauce
Lubricated Goat: The Day in Rock
Doctor Steel: Ode to Revenge
Kent 3: John Adams
Thomas Dolby: I Scare Myself
The Boys: Keep Running
Scarlet Room: The Machine
Buzzcocks: When Love Turns Around
Black Flag: You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!
Death: Can You Give Me a Thrill???
Maciste: Callaghan is Dead
Girls Against Boys: Push the Fader
Patrinell Station: I Let a Good Man Go
Chuck Berry: Johnny B Goode
Tom Waits: Good Old World (Waltz)
Honest Abe & the Gettysburg Addresses: Hail to the Chief
The Doors: Love Me Tender
Clash: Lover's Rock
Voltaire: The Sexy Data Tango
Skulls: I Don't Need Anything
Imminent Attack: Imminent Attack
Interpol: Say Hello to the Angels
Brown Bird: Mabel Grey
Stevie Wonder: For Once in My Life
Ever Ready: Left Trout
Corrosion of Conformity: Stare Too Long
Curtis Eller's American Circus: Red Red Robin
Stand Off: Push Comes to Shove
Hypermodern Jazz 2000.5: Slowly Falling in Love
Screaming Headless Torsos: Dead Christmas Trees
Circus Contraption: Klezmerde
Motorhead: (We Are) The Road Crew
Joe Jackson: Is She Really Going Out with Him?
Diable Amoreux: Horns of the Grat Inverted Goat
They Might Be Giants: Hot Cha
The Screamers: Thru the Flames
Suburban Mutilation: I Object
Nitzer Ebb: Hold On
Hellblinki: No Man's Land
Toy Dolls: Me 'n' John Williams
Abba: Voulez Vous
Higsons: Ylang Ylang
Angels of Light: Real Person
Shadows of Knight: Gloria
Pink Floyd: Your Possible Pasts
System of a Down: Radio/Video
Panics: I Wanna Kill My Mom
Nathaniel Johnstone: Snuggle-fish
Dogwood: Shark Week
Debo Band: Akabe Wube
Insomniac Folklore: Beautiful
The Service: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
Beat Happening: Playhouse
Success: Way Back Home
The Beatles: Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!
Warsaw: As You Said
Blueflowers: Everywhere
Belly: Lil Ennio
Unwoman: Careless Whisper
Cop Shoot Cop: Cut to the Chase
Tricky: Strugglin'
Loudness: Like Hell
Dackin Dackino: Yuda
Paulina Cassidy: Dance of the Invisible
Rex Hobart: Wicked Saviour
Lemon Party: Projector
Lost Patrol: Creeper
Jessica Fichot: Le Grenier
Motorama: Mr Blackout
IfIHadaHifi: Tussle and Loop to Speed
Jesus Lizard: Then Comes Dudley
Ando Ehlers: Shut Up! Polka!
Belle & Sebastian: Chickfactor
Zombies: She's Coming Home
Swans: The Beautiful Days
Nathan Wade: Goin' Over
Death by Stereo: Unstoppable
Mother of Sorrows: Morlock
Princess: Kate
Bat Country: All Over Again
Pixies: Vamos
The Kinks: Victoria
Jane's Addiction: Three Days
Voodoo Organist: Car Crash
Venom: Buried Alive
Pain Teens: Body Memory
Wedding Present: Be Honest
Bitter Ruin: Limp
Reverend Horton Heat: Put It to Me Straight
Gorgon Medusa: Sweet Child
Reverse Cowgirl: Professional Feeder
Marco Fernandez: Bedlam Blues
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: Watching the Detectives
Feelings: Let's Go
Throbbing Gristle: Convincing People
Caravan Palace: Jole Coquine