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Seattle International Cabaret Festival, Report the Second

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Seattle International Cabaret Festival, Report the Second

Dang! What a night.

Made it to Pensione Nichols just in time for a wonderfully messed up short film by Vinsantos. All I can say: keep a close eye on your children.

Next up was a round of song, profanity and inserting-things-into-one's-nose curtesy of Shmootzi the Clod. Best known for his work with the Circus Contraption band any performer who can feature a cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a drug-addled stroll down memory lane is alright by me.

Shootzi was followed by Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau. Band leader Seth Bedford performed at Steamcon and I was tickled to see him backed by the full band with violin, viola, piano and bass. They were sweet, fun and funny... which is saying something considering the number of songs they performed about murder and mayhem. Seth's Steamcon partner, Veronique Chevalier, even joined in for a happy birthday ditty. I loved it all but I have to give them extra points for covering my favorite Suzanne Vega song: "Blood Makes Noise". Now I just have to convince them to record it...

After that show Harley (from Toy-Box Trio) accompanied me on a brisk walk over to the Triple Door for the next show.

Scarlet Room proved, once again, that they may be Seattle's best kept secret. They blew the doors off the place and just seem to get tighter each time I see them. If you haven't caught them yet: do so ASAP! I can't wait to hear the new album they've got in the works.

Portland OR's Vagabond Opera are consummate entertainers. They grab your attention from the minute they take the stage and woo you for the rest of the evening. I don't know how you can watch them and not have a good time. They exude such constant, positive energy I get winded just watching them.

The addition of the Harlequin Hipsters to Vagabond Opera's stage show was a nice treat.

The Festival Official CD, The Sepiachord Companion, was on sale at each event... and can now be purchased at the Can Can (the fest's home base).

I have to declare any night where I end up with both a WAX MOUSTACHE and a tin of MOUSTACHE WAX to be a roaring success!

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