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Music Now for a Past that Never Was

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“Smooth Criminal” à l'orgue de barbarie is the Sepiachord Song of the Day. http://www.sepiachord.com/index/smooth_criminal/ #smoothcriminal #steampunkmusic

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"Smooth Criminal" à l'orgue de barbarie is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.

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Braille RPG Dice kickstarter~ http://www.victorianadventureenthusiast.com/index/braille-dice/ #rpg #dice #braille

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"The Song of the Count (Spooky Halloween edit)" by Unwoman is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.

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Sherlock vs The Abominable Bride, coming Jan 1st 2016 http://www.victorianadventureenthusiast.com/index/sherlock-vs-the-abominable-bride-coming-jan-1st-2016/ #sherlock #sherlockholmes

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(via Beats Antique~ Creature Carnival Tour 2015)

Still a few more chances to catch Beats Antique on the Creature Carnival Tour http://www.sepiachord.com/index/beats-antique-creature-carnival/ #beatsantique

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DJ Panix at the Substation, Oct 21st playlist~ http://www.sepiachord.com/index/dj-panix-at-the-substation-oct-21st-playlist/ #djplaylist #steampunkmusic #seattledj

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DJ Panix at the Substation, Oct 21st playlist~

Dogwood: Pygmalion
AC/DC: If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
The Flaming Stars: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Descendents: Cool to Be You
This Way to the Egress: Nightgal
David Bowie: The Jean Genie
The Mongrel Jews: Hot Biblical Mess
Eyeliners: Won't Be Long
Tom Waits: Home I'll Never Be
Rebel Waltz: Jack
Firewater: Borneo
Shonen Knife: Insect Collector
Decemberists: Summersong
Love & Rockets: If There's a Heaven Above
Aeon Now: Mud
KILLDOZER: King of Sex
Billy Bragg: Island of No Return
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(via DJ Panix~ Underworld Ball Playlist ~ 2015-10-18)

DJ Panix~ Underworld Ball Playlist ~ 2015-10-18 http://www.sepiachord.com/index/dj-panix-underworld-ball-playlist-2015-10-18/ #djpanix #playlist #seattlemusic

Tom Waits: Frank's Wild Years
Zeke: All American Man
Ventures: Walk, Don't Run
ABBA: Take a Chance on Me
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Deanna
Viarosa: Out on the Edge of Nafplion
Hüsker Dü: Makes No Sense at All
Fighting Gravity: Godzilla
Ilya Monosov: Winter Lullaby
Eno: Third Uncle
Flaming Groovies: Shake Some Action
Man... or Astro-Man?: Junk Satellite
Cure: Hot Hot Hot
Sons of Perdition: Strangers in the Desert
Foghat: I Just Wanna Make Love to You
Coil: Teenage Lightning
The Dad Horse Experience: Operator
The Doors: Strange Days
Debo Band: Asha Gedawo
The Magnificent Seven: A Season in Hell
Screaming Headless Torsos: Brooce Swayne
Beats Antique: Side Swipe
James Brown: I Got You (I Feel Good)
The Sweet Trade: Rainy Wednesdays and Old English Churches
The Doors: Whiskey, Mystics & Men
Beatnigs: Prewar America
Pop Will Eat Itself: Can You Dig It?
Ennio Morricone: The Musical Pocket Watch
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