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Album Review: Frenchy and the Punk - Bonjour Batfrog #frenchandthepunk #sepiachord #musicreview #steampunk_music

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This gruesome 1889 biology book outlined the many ways animals will kill us #1889 #victoriana

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DJ Panix vs the Battle of Fishguard, Feb 25th playlist~ #playlist #music #neko_case

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DJ Panix vs the Battle of Fishguard, Feb 25th playlist~

Neko Case: Porchlight
David Bowie: Ashes to Ashes
Pop Will Eat Itself: Wake Up! Time to Die
The Cramps: What's Inside a Girl
They Might Be Giants: Dig My Grave
Hoodoo Gurus: I Was a Kamikaze Pilot
Electric Hellfire Club: Shout at the Devil
Ghoultown: Dirty Sanchez
Ms Led: No. No. You're Right
Reverse Cowgirls: Homemade Rust
Against Me!: Reinventing Axl Rose
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: Mouseteeth
Downtown Brown: Party Like the Amish
The Lost Patrol: If I Could
Lemonparty: TV LIfe
Unextraordinary Gentlemen: Dawn/Worst of All
Screaming Headless Torsos: Field of Light
Mynabirds: Mightier than the Sword
Adam Ant: Wonderful
Bakelite 78: Dark Spot
Mother of Sorrow: Child's Play
Donnas: Are You Gonna Move It for Me
Blueflowers: Everywhere
Sweet Hollywaiians: Magic Ukulele Watlz
Mon Frere: Look at the Cash
Corrosion of Conformity: Thy Nectar
Marcella and The Forget me Nots: What Have You Done to Your Face?
Mötley Crüe: Wild Side
TVTV$: AIDS Is a Four Letter Word
NoMeansNo: No Sex
The Louvin Brothers: You're Running Wild
Econochrist: Passed On
Stolen Babies: Table Scrap
Mudhoney: Something So Clear
Rasputina: All Tomorrow's Parties
No Longer Human: Fifth Season
Pink Floyd: Not Now John
Dark Horses: Hello, I Love You
Cassettes: Headin' Out
Jena/Berlin: A Bar in Michigan
Automaton Adventure Series: Prototype II
Jezebel Diary: Kissing Bodies
Zoe Boekbinder: Skeletons
Alice Cooper: Under My Wheels
Weirdos: Teenage
Gene Vincent: Baby Blue
Foetus: Himmelfartransport/Primordial Industry
Violent Femmes: World We're Living In
Warsaw: The Drawback
The Busters: Life's a Bitch
Vagabond Opera: Red Balloon
Dead or Alive: Lover Come Back to Me
The Who: Naked Eye
Lou Reed: America
Tallboys: Train on the Island
Trenchmouth: Ultraman
Iggy Pop: Beside You
X: In This House That I Call Home
Professor Elemental: Hat Full of Sunshine
Princess: Boom Click Click Boom
Kuma: Keep It Down
Sparks: Angst in My Pants
Firewater: Strange Life
Jay Reatard: Nightmares
Hüsker Dü: Games
Loli & the Chones: I Think I'm Gonna
Sunday Driver: Mechanical Angel
Surf Trio: Lonesome Town
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard: What Is Memory
Los Infernos: Lost & Confused
The Bewitched: Sleepless Night
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"Long Long Shaddows " by Unwoman is the Sepiachord Featured Video. #unwoman #steampunk_music

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"Long Long Shaddows " by Unwoman is the Sepiachord Featured Video.

Unwoman: Long Long Shadows Official Music Video from Erica Mulkey on Vimeo.

Unwoman: Long Long Shadows Official Music Video

Creative Commons License:




All Audiences

Directed by Jerrold Ridenour
Music by Unwoman
Song available at (get the whole album for $1!)
Previously Unwoman and Jerrold Ridenour brought you "Intertwined"


I'm in the land of sunlight
And long, long shadows
And I am listening
To slow, sad echoes

Pay no attention to lover death
She has come to seduce you again
Let us distract you with sex and violence
They are your best friends

She comes to you with promise of sunsets
So sweetly she promises, but all she leaves are regrets
It won't be a wake but a tidal wave of grief
You don't think about that, you only want relief

from Circling, released 24 July 2014

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