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Album Review: The Magnificent Seven ~ Tall Tales and Scary Stories http://www.sepiachord.com/index/the-magnificent-seven-tall-tales-and-scary-stories/ #themagnificentseven #musicreview

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The Magnificent Seven ~ Tall Tales and Scary Stories

The Magnificent Seven
Tall Tales and Scary Stories by The Magnificent Seven
Book&CD/digital download
self released

Stockholm's The Magnificent Seven have been creating great music for a decade now, and I look forward to every release that they put out. All of the performance, rehearsal, song writing and recording pays of with their newest released.
With Tall Tales and Scary Stories The Magnificent Seven take their place as one of *the* great gothic americana bands.
This album is creepy and beautiful, filled with ghost(town) recollections that swirl from dirges to waltzes, peppered with hints of disturbed circus sounds and undead tangos. Tall Tales hints at cabaret, but only if the stage is on the border between the Here and the Afterlife.

While "folk' may be the root the sound the results are much more accessible than that. Solid song writing leads the band into grim pop territory, darker than any shoegaze band but no less intriguing.

It's remarkable how well the fictional American West is evoked on this album, if "Russian" wasn't in a song titled I'd swear the borders they explore were those of my own hemisphere.

I love the production here: nothing here is muddy or buried. Each tune has a number of levels but a clarity rings through every element. Even though most of the instruments are acoustic, each one is allowed room for its voice to be heard. This just makes things better when the electric guitar comes in (as it does on "The Undertaker"), you can really feal the *teeth* of it.

The packaging/book is beautiful and a perfect companion to the music. But it's the music that you'll be remembering for years to come.

Highly Recommended.

The Magnificent Seven:
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Out Now: Corruption Castle by Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys http://www.sepiachord.com/index/out-now-corruption-castle-by-walter-sickert-the-army-of-broken-toys/ #watlersickert
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Feb 26th Orkestar Zirkonium / The Debaucherauntes / Schmaltz Street Klezmer Band - Seattle WA http://www.sepiachord.com/index/feb-26th-seattle/ #seattlemusic

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"Honey" by Eli August & The Abandoned Buildings is the Sepiachord Featured Video.

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“Smooth Criminal” à l'orgue de barbarie is the Sepiachord Song of the Day. http://www.sepiachord.com/index/smooth_criminal/ #smoothcriminal #steampunkmusic

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"Alice in Dreamland" by Kokusyoku Sumire: Tomodachi Polka is the Sepiachord Featured Video.

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Braille RPG Dice kickstarter~ http://www.victorianadventureenthusiast.com/index/braille-dice/ #rpg #dice #braille

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